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Ultimate Spider-Man

The Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series has some of my favorite Spider-Man stories of all time on there. It has my favorie interpertaion of Spider-Man and Peter Parker as a whole, and it gives the best idea (IMO) of Peter Parkers Parents in the best way and how they matter in the future stories as well. Brian Michael Bendis' story of this character is my favorite due to how whole it feels to read. It gives a feeling of "Okay this is definitley how I would see a teenager act if they were Spider-Man in the Early/mid 2000s." There are some questionable stories in the series as the ultimate universe of marvel had with other versions of their characters as well but overall for spider-man I thought that it was great and had amazing writing.....no pun intended. The "Irresponsible" storyline shows Peter's struggles with being a teenager and being Spider-Man. This is very important when it comes to his character in any story at all. If you dont show the loops and obstacles he goes through to keep his identity and the people close to him safe, then your just making shit up at that point.